Monday, June 15, 2009

William's Birthday

We had soo much fun on William's birthday. We spent the day at the zoo and then had a little family party that evening. My sister-in-law encouraged me to make Willliam's cake. I accidentally added too much yellow so the monkey looks like it has jaundice, but it sure tasted good. I thought about the day William was born and the unique circumstances we experienced. We have been soo blessed.

William's 1st Haircut

So last Sunday I went to a meeting for church and when I returned home, Shawn had a little smirk on his face. He had his U of U shirt on and was trying to put a U of U onsie on William. As I looked closer at William, I realized all of his hair was GONE!! Shawn had shaved his head. So I guess it is official...William has had his first haircut. Now they look even more alike!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancer Walk

Shawn, William and I participated in the Breast Cancer Awareness walk this last Saturday. We walked with many of his family and extended family members in memory of Shawn's mother, RuthAnn Liddle George Wickham. This year was really special because my mom and sister, Pam, joined our group. It was really neat to have them there, especially my sister. Although Pam didn't have breast cancer, she has overcome and survived ovarian and uterine cancers. She has been through a lot and I know she worked hard to be able to walk with us this year. I love you Pam!

One year and counting!

In just two short days, William will be turning One Year Old! WOW! I can't believe how time flies. Here are some cute photos we took at Gardener Village. I just can't get enough of those beautiful blue eyes :)

We are doing a jungle theme for his birthday party and he is going to dress up as a little monkey. I love the tail.

William is such a good little boy. Shawn and I are very blessed to have him in our lives!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

Ok, well it's been a while. We have been quite busy here at the George residence. Shawn is back to work doing Landscaping with Whit and was recently called to work in the Young Mens program in our ward. I've been busy recovering from minor back surgery and taking care of William. The surgery went soo well I wish I would have done it in June!! This week I started working at the Post Office Coding Center at night. We are doing all that we can to keep William out of daycare.

Last Saturday Shawn and I went to a Halloween party that was themed around villians. Shawn went as Dr. Evil and I went as Poison Ivy. It was a lot of fun!!

Before we left for the party, we decided to get William into his costume and get some pictures. As I mentioned before, Shawn went as Dr. Evil and so we had to dress William up as Mini Me since he looks just like Shawn. Their outfits are from a prison scene in the third Austin Powers movie, Goldmember.

It is amazing how quickly life seems to fly by. It is almost November...William is almost 6 months old...Christmas is only a few weeks away. Sometimes it feels like you just have to hang on and enjoy the ride :) Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well first thing is first, SHAWN IS HOME....FOR GOOD!!! He came home on September 8th and we couldnt be happier. Shawn has fit right back into the family life just fine! He loves being a dad, and is doing quite well with all the new adjustments of being home :)
Here are some pictures from the airport:

We have such a thoughtful ward and caring neighbors. They set up flags and hung up yellow ribbons to welcome Shawn home. It was a wonderful sight to see as we drove down the street. We've been humbled by all of the support.

Shawn decided to get some pictures of him in his uniforms before putting them away for good. I thought this pic was the cutest!

As you can see, William is still a mini Shawn. He is growing soo fast...over 4 months old now. We went to the Dr. on Monday and William weighs a whopping 13.12 pounds and is 26 inches long. It's nice to know he is growing like he should.

Since Shawn's return, we have been busy getting back into the swing of things. We've eaten out at most of the restaurants he missed while away. I am feeling pretty good all around. Now that my other half has returned, I finally feel like myself again. I didn't realize how much of a fog I was living in while he was gone, but I've noticed that I've been much happier over the last week and a half. I go in for back surgery on October 1st up at the U of U. The procedure is a microdiscectomy. It is outpatient and healing time is quick...about 5-7 days YIPEE! It will be nice to get the disc herniation taken care of so I can take care of my family the way I want to, with no limitations.

Blessings fill our lives everyday. Thanks again to all of you that have been so supportive while Shawn was away. We will forever be indebted to you!

Welcome Home to Utah Shawn!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

William, This Is Your Daddy!

Shawn left Iraq last Wednesday and arrived at Camp Pendleton in California on Saturday afternoon. It was very special to be there to greet him when he stepped off the bus. My mom was soo wonderful to come with me to help with the baby. We were able to stay until Tuesday afternoon. Here are a few pictures from this memorable trip.

Mom, Will and I just waiting for Shawn to arrive. I was soo nervous and excited all at the same time!!

Shawn was able to hold William for the first time. What a wonderful reunion!

Shawn brought Will a cute little bear from the base where he was stationed in Iraq.

Like father, like son. Shawn was trying to show William how to hold the remote control. They crack me up!

Two of Shawn's favorite things...William and an orange flavored snow cone that is almost as big as William.
We spent a few minutes at the beach on Coronado Island. William did not like how cold the water in the ocean was. He wouldn't stop crying until he had his warm socks back on his little feet. What a sweetheart!